MSFT 453.9631 -2.6353% AAPL 228.225 -2.0409% NVDA 131.2 -2.75% GOOGL 187.56 -1.8935% GOOG 189.16 -1.8167% AMZN 196.37 -1.7118% META 522.38 -2.3023% AVGO 1714.64 -1.7224% TSLA 265.3951 0.811% TSM 187.5 -1.8582% LLY 937.8 -0.2107% V 261.56 -0.5475% JPM 207.67 -0.0626% UNH 505.78 0.9682% NVO 141.2 -1.0789% WMT 69.41 -1.4203% LVMUY 154.5 1.9667% XOM 112.96 0.9292% LVMHF 770.5 1.6491% MA 432.89 -0.173%

Roblox Corp

Communication Services US RBLX


Last update at 2024-07-11T14:50:00Z

Day Range


52 Week Range



  • Previous Close 39.66
  • Market Cap27743.82M
  • Volume902527
  • P/E Ratio-
  • Dividend Yield-%
  • EBITDA-1002.63603M
  • Revenue TTM2628.34M
  • Revenue Per Share TTM4.31
  • Gross Profit TTM 364.46M
  • Diluted EPS TTM-1.83


Income Statement


Change in Cash

Total Operating Cash

Dividends Paid

Breakdown 2022-12-31 2021-12-31 2020-12-31 2019-12-31 2018-12-31
Type yearly yearly yearly yearly yearly
Date 2022-12-31 2021-12-31 2020-12-31 2019-12-31 2018-12-31
Income before tax -930.58900M -503.80000M -264.34700M -71.10500M -88.07200M
Minority interest 9.78M 11.83M 20.01M 24.36M 24.36M
Net income -934.14100M -503.48000M -257.69100M -71.11400M -88.07500M
Selling general administrative 297.32M 303.02M 690.31M 310.62M 211.94M
Selling and marketing expenses 117.45M 86.36M 58.38M 44.74M 40.54M
Gross profit 1677.39M 1422.31M 683.99M 386.01M 251.98M
Reconciled depreciation 130.08M 75.62M 43.81M 27.66M 11.94M
Ebit -923.78400M -495.09800M -266.13700M -76.44000M -87.55200M
Ebitda -760.60300M -421.18000M -222.32900M -48.77600M -75.61100M
Depreciation and amortization 163.18M 73.92M 43.81M 27.66M 11.94M
Non operating income net other - 0.09M - - -
Operating income -923.78400M -495.09800M -266.13700M -76.44000M -87.55200M
Other operating expenses 3148.84M 2414.28M 1190.02M 584.83M 412.51M
Interest expense 39.90M 7.00M 6.23M 5.48M 0.00000M
Tax provision 3.55M -0.32000M -6.65600M 0.00900M 0.00300M
Interest income 38.84M 0.09M 1.82M 6.55M 3.76M
Net interest income -1.06100M -6.90600M 1.82M 6.55M 3.76M
Extraordinary items - - - - -
Non recurring - - - - -
Other items - - - - -
Income tax expense 3.55M -0.32000M -6.65600M 0.00900M 0.00300M
Total revenue 2225.05M 1919.18M 923.88M 508.39M 324.96M
Total operating expenses 2601.18M 1917.41M 950.12M 462.45M 339.53M
Cost of revenue 547.66M 496.87M 239.90M 122.38M 72.98M
Total other income expense net -6.80500M -8.70200M 1.79M 5.33M -4.27900M
Discontinued operations - - - - -
Net income from continuing ops -934.14100M -503.48000M -257.69100M -71.11400M -88.07500M
Net income applicable to common shares -924.36600M -491.65100M -253.25400M -70.96800M -88.07500M
Preferred stock and other adjustments - - - - -
Breakdown 2022-12-31 2021-12-31 2020-12-31 2019-12-31 2018-12-31
Type yearly yearly yearly yearly yearly
Date 2022-12-31 2021-12-31 2020-12-31 2019-12-31 2018-12-31
Total assets 5375.49M 4560.60M 1847.80M 760.21M 542.36M
Intangible assets 54.72M 59.67M 42.33M 2.46M 0.51M
Earning assets - - - - -
Other current assets 16.47M 32.09M 8.67M 9.85M 2.65M
Total liab 5070.45M 3967.67M 2080.18M 873.16M 655.55M
Total stockholder equity 306.03M 584.82M -252.38800M -137.30900M -113.18900M
Deferred long term liab 225.13M 137.52M 113.79M 39.25M 23.69M
Other current liab 394.48M 293.37M 104.61M 43.01M 23.12M
Common stock 0.06M 0.06M 0.02M 0.02M 0.02M
Capital stock 0.06M 0.06M 0.02M 0.02M 0.02M
Retained earnings -1908.30700M -983.94100M -492.29000M -239.03600M -168.06800M
Other liab 1106.04M 618.24M 506.81M 189.82M 119.01M
Good will 134.34M 118.07M 59.57M - 0.00000M
Other assets 229.46M 140.46M 115.36M 42.19M 32.84M
Cash 2977.47M 3004.30M 893.94M 301.49M 227.65M
Cash and equivalents - - - - -
Total current liabilities 2480.84M 2167.09M 1228.55M 496.14M 349.35M
Current deferred revenue 1941.94M 1758.02M 1070.23M 425.26M 296.14M
Net debt -1420.66500M -1821.96100M -893.94300M -301.49300M -227.64700M
Short term debt 73.23M 51.30M 41.70M 24.45M 12.03M
Short long term debt - - - - -
Short long term debt total 1556.81M 1182.34M - - -
Other stockholder equity 2213.60M -2991.95800M 239.79M 101.67M 54.87M
Property plant equipment 1118.38M 492.64M 206.41M 143.41M 94.11M
Total current assets 3838.60M 3749.76M 1424.13M 572.26M 414.90M
Long term investments - - - - -
Net tangible assets 116.97M 407.08M -354.28200M -139.65800M -113.69700M
Short term investments - - 0.00000M 57.05M 56.67M
Net receivables 379.35M 307.35M 246.99M 91.25M 51.20M
Long term debt 988.98M 987.72M - - -
Inventory 465.31M 406.02M 274.53M 112.61M 76.73M
Accounts payable 71.18M 64.39M 12.01M 3.42M 18.06M
Total permanent equity - - - - -
Noncontrolling interest in consolidated entity - 8.11M - - -
Temporary equity redeemable noncontrolling interests - - - - -
Accumulated other comprehensive income 0.67M 0.06M 0.09M 0.04M -0.00800M
Additional paid in capital - - - - -
Common stock total equity - 0.06M 0.02M 0.02M 0.02M
Preferred stock total equity - - - - -
Retained earnings total equity - -983.94100M - - -
Treasury stock - - - - -
Accumulated amortization - - - - -
Non currrent assets other 229.46M 140.46M 115.36M 42.19M 32.84M
Deferred long term asset charges - 137.52M - - -
Non current assets total 1536.88M 810.83M 423.67M 187.94M 127.46M
Capital lease obligations 494.59M 194.62M - - -
Long term debt total - 987.72M - - -
Breakdown 2022-12-31 2021-12-31 2020-12-31 2019-12-31 2018-12-31
Type yearly yearly yearly yearly yearly
Date 2022-12-31 2021-12-31 2020-12-31 2019-12-31 2018-12-31
Investments -441.05100M -146.82100M 57.01M -84.33000M -83.15000M
Change to liabilities 672.68M 843.30M 970.41M 187.80M 176.34M
Total cashflows from investing activities -441.05100M -146.82100M -97.03000M -84.33000M -83.15000M
Net borrowings - 990.00M 990.00M 990.00M 990.00M
Total cash from financing activities 43.64M 1598.12M 164.97M 53.11M 151.78M
Change to operating activities -87.06700M -81.91700M -157.50600M -23.20700M -33.80600M
Net income -934.14100M -503.48000M -257.69100M -71.11400M -88.07500M
Change in cash -26.82600M 2110.36M 592.45M 67.98M 169.66M
Begin period cash flow 3004.30M 893.94M 301.49M 233.51M 63.85M
End period cash flow 2977.47M 3004.30M 893.94M 301.49M 233.51M
Total cash from operating activities 369.30M 659.11M 524.34M 99.19M 101.04M
Issuance of capital stock 45.75M 610.46M 164.97M 3.11M 151.78M
Depreciation 130.08M 75.62M 43.81M 27.66M 11.94M
Other cashflows from investing activities - -53.54800M - - -
Dividends paid - - - - -
Change to inventory - 90.91M 72.90M 25.10M 8.86M
Change to account receivables -72.47900M -61.04400M -156.86500M -40.09200M -5.29900M
Sale purchase of stock - 610.46M - - -
Other cashflows from financing activities -1.95600M 1521.95M 149.82M 50.00M 149.67M
Change to netincome 649.18M 386.42M 77.75M 17.98M 39.93M
Capital expenditures 427.66M 101.13M 113.12M 84.73M 66.07M
Change receivables - -61.04400M - - -
Cash flows other operating - -95.74300M - - -
Exchange rate changes - -0.05500M - - -
Cash and cash equivalents changes - 2110.36M - - -
Change in working capital 513.13M 700.34M 656.04M 124.50M 137.24M
Stock based compensation 589.50M 341.94M 79.16M 17.63M 36.31M
Other non cash items 70.72M 44.69M 3.03M 0.50M 12.72M
Free cash flow -58.36700M 557.98M 411.22M 14.46M 34.97M

Peer Comparison

Sector: Communication Services Industry: Electronic Gaming & Multimedia

Company Change (USD) Price (USD) Trailing PE (x) Forward PE (x) Price Sales TTM (x) Price to Book Value (x) Enterprise Value to Revenue (x) Enterprise Value to EBITDA (x)
Roblox Corp
-0.38 0.96% 39.28 - 192.31 10.56 217.34 10.24 -30.3663
NetEase Inc
-0.228 1.26% 17.86 15.30 13.61 0.66 3.89 0.52 1.86
NetEase Inc
2.33 2.59% 92.46 13.81 12.32 0.60 3.46 0.46 1.54
Nintendo Co ADR
0.20 1.43% 14.20 16.90 23.81 0.03 3.25 0.02 0.06
Nintendo Co. Ltd
1.19 2.12% 57.00 16.96 24.04 0.03 3.28 0.02 0.06

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Roblox Corporation develops and operates an online entertainment platform. The company offers Roblox Studio, a free toolset that allows developers and creators to build, publish, and operate 3D experiences, and other content; Roblox Client, an application that allows users to explore 3D digital world; Roblox Education for learning experiences; and Roblox Cloud, which provides services and infrastructure that power the human co-experience platform. It serves customers in the United States, the United Kingdom, Canada, Europe, China, the Asia-Pacific, and internationally. Roblox Corporation was incorporated in 2004 and is headquartered in San Mateo, California.

Roblox Corp

970 Park Place, San Mateo, CA, United States, 94403

Key Executives

Name Title Year Born
Mr. David Baszucki Founder, Pres, CEO & Chairman 1965
Mr. Michael Guthrie Chief Financial Officer 1965
Mr. Daniel Sturman Chief Technology Officer 1970
Mr. Craig Donato Chief Bus. Officer 1966
Mr. Manuel Bronstein Chief Product Officer 1976
Mr. Boris Novansky Pres NA
Ms. Amy Marie Rawlings Chief Accounting Officer 1984
Dr. Morgan McGuire Chief Scientist NA
Ms. Anna Yen Head of Investor Relations NA
Mr. Mark L. Reinstra Gen. Counsel & Corp. Sec. 1966

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