MSFT 453.9631 -2.6353% AAPL 228.225 -2.0409% NVDA 131.2 -2.75% GOOGL 187.56 -1.8935% GOOG 189.16 -1.8167% AMZN 196.37 -1.7118% META 522.38 -2.3023% AVGO 1714.64 -1.7224% TSLA 265.3951 0.811% TSM 187.5 -1.8582% LLY 937.8 -0.2107% V 261.56 -0.5475% JPM 207.67 -0.0626% UNH 505.78 0.9682% NVO 141.2 -1.0789% WMT 69.41 -1.4203% LVMUY 154.5 1.9667% XOM 112.96 0.9292% LVMHF 770.5 1.6491% MA 432.89 -0.173%

Schlumberger NV

Energy US SLB


Last update at 2024-07-11T14:55:00Z

Day Range


52 Week Range



  • Previous Close 45.28
  • Market Cap76679.73M
  • Volume1744534
  • P/E Ratio18.64
  • Dividend Yield1.88%
  • EBITDA7043.00M
  • Revenue TTM32023.00M
  • Revenue Per Share TTM22.50
  • Gross Profit TTM 5161.00M
  • Diluted EPS TTM2.88


Income Statement


Change in Cash

Total Operating Cash

Dividends Paid

Breakdown 2022-12-31 2021-12-31 2020-12-31 2019-12-31 2018-12-31
Type yearly yearly yearly yearly yearly
Date 2022-12-31 2021-12-31 2020-12-31 2019-12-31 2018-12-31
Income before tax 4271.00M 2374.00M -11298.00000M -10418.00000M 2624.00M
Minority interest 51.00M -47.00000M 32.00M 30.00M 39.00M
Net income 3441.00M 1881.00M -10486.00000M -10107.00000M 2138.00M
Selling general administrative 376.00M 339.00M 365.00M 474.00M 444.00M
Selling and marketing expenses - - - - -
Gross profit 5161.00M 3658.00M 2601.00M 4197.00M 4337.00M
Reconciled depreciation 2147.00M 2120.00M 2566.00M 3589.00M 3556.00M
Ebit 4761.00M 793.00M -747.00000M -497.00000M -216.00000M
Ebitda 6908.00M 2913.00M 1819.00M 3092.00M 3340.00M
Depreciation and amortization 2147.00M 2120.00M 2566.00M 3589.00M 3556.00M
Non operating income net other 610.00M 148.00M 267.00M 86.00M 364.00M
Operating income 4761.00M 793.00M -747.00000M -497.00000M 3191.00M
Other operating expenses 23940.00M 20164.00M 21945.00M 29911.00M 29624.00M
Interest expense 490.00M 539.00M 563.00M 609.00M 575.00M
Tax provision 779.00M 446.00M -812.00000M -311.00000M 447.00M
Interest income 120.00M 148.00M 163.00M 41.00M 60.00M
Net interest income 120.00M -391.00000M -400.00000M -568.00000M -515.00000M
Extraordinary items - - - - -
Non recurring - - - - -
Other items - - - - -
Income tax expense 779.00M 446.00M -812.00000M -311.00000M 447.00M
Total revenue 28091.00M 22929.00M 23601.00M 32917.00M 32815.00M
Total operating expenses 1010.00M 893.00M 945.00M 1191.00M 1146.00M
Cost of revenue 22930.00M 19271.00M 21000.00M 28720.00M 28478.00M
Total other income expense net -490.00000M 1581.00M -10551.00000M -9921.00000M -141.00000M
Discontinued operations - - - - -
Net income from continuing ops 3492.00M 1928.00M -10486.00000M -10107.00000M 2177.00M
Net income applicable to common shares 3441.00M 1881.00M -10518.00000M -10137.00000M 2138.00M
Preferred stock and other adjustments - - - - -
Breakdown 2022-12-31 2021-12-31 2020-12-31 2019-12-31 2018-12-31
Type yearly yearly yearly yearly yearly
Date 2022-12-31 2021-12-31 2020-12-31 2019-12-31 2018-12-31
Total assets 43135.00M 41511.00M 42569.00M 56312.00M 70507.00M
Intangible assets 2992.00M 3211.00M 3455.00M 7089.00M 8727.00M
Earning assets - - - - -
Other current assets 1078.00M 928.00M 4666.00M 5616.00M 5073.00M
Total liab 25146.00M 26225.00M 30080.00M 32136.00M 33921.00M
Total stockholder equity 17989.00M 15286.00M 12489.00M 24176.00M 36586.00M
Deferred long term liab 61.00M 94.00M 19.00M 491.00M 1441.00M
Other current liab 108.00M -20.00000M 258.00M 1001.00M 979.00M
Common stock 11837.00M 12608.00M 12970.00M 13078.00M 13132.00M
Capital stock 11837.00M 12608.00M 12970.00M 13078.00M 13132.00M
Retained earnings 10719.00M 8199.00M 7018.00M 18751.00M 31658.00M
Other liab 1995.00M 2580.00M 3553.00M 3351.00M 4591.00M
Good will 12982.00M 12990.00M 12980.00M 16042.00M 24931.00M
Other assets 3970.00M 4183.00M 6072.00M 1224.00M 1299.00M
Cash 1655.00M 1757.00M 844.00M 1137.00M 1433.00M
Cash and equivalents 2894.00M - - - -
Total current liabilities 12018.00M 10359.00M 10491.00M 13098.00M 13486.00M
Current deferred revenue 1157.00M 1088.00M 941.00M 910.00M 877.00M
Net debt 10571.00M 12438.00M 16042.00M 14157.00M 14618.00M
Short term debt 1632.00M 909.00M 850.00M 524.00M 1407.00M
Short long term debt 1632.00M 909.00M 850.00M 524.00M 1407.00M
Short long term debt total 12226.00M 14195.00M 16886.00M 15294.00M 16051.00M
Other stockholder equity -712.00000M -1951.00000M -2615.00000M -3215.00000M -4006.00000M
Property plant equipment 6607.00M 6429.00M 6826.00M 9270.00M 11679.00M
Total current assets 15003.00M 12654.00M 12919.00M 15530.00M 15731.00M
Long term investments 1581.00M 2044.00M 2061.00M 1565.00M 1538.00M
Net tangible assets 1711.00M -915.00000M -4364.00000M 629.00M 2504.00M
Short term investments 1239.00M 1382.00M 2162.00M 1030.00M 1344.00M
Net receivables 7032.00M 5315.00M 5247.00M 7747.00M 7881.00M
Long term debt 10594.00M 13286.00M 16036.00M 14770.00M 14644.00M
Inventory 3999.00M 3272.00M 3354.00M 4130.00M 4010.00M
Accounts payable 9121.00M 8382.00M 8442.00M 10663.00M 10223.00M
Total permanent equity - - - - -
Noncontrolling interest in consolidated entity 304.00M 282.00M 418.00M 416.00M 424.00M
Temporary equity redeemable noncontrolling interests - - - - -
Accumulated other comprehensive income -3855.00000M -3570.00000M -4884.00000M -4438.00000M -4622.00000M
Additional paid in capital - - - - -
Common stock total equity 11837.00M 12608.00M 12970.00M 13078.00M 13132.00M
Preferred stock total equity - - - - -
Retained earnings total equity 10719.00M 8199.00M 7018.00M 18751.00M 31658.00M
Treasury stock -1016.00000M -2233.00000M -3033.00000M -3631.00000M -4006.00000M
Accumulated amortization - - - - -
Non currrent assets other 3970.00M 4183.00M 6389.00M 8381.00M 9439.00M
Deferred long term asset charges - - - - -
Non current assets total 28132.00M 28857.00M 29650.00M 40782.00M 54776.00M
Capital lease obligations - - - - -
Long term debt total 10594.00M 13286.00M 16036.00M 14770.00M 14644.00M
Breakdown 2022-12-31 2021-12-31 2020-12-31 2019-12-31 2018-12-31
Type yearly yearly yearly yearly yearly
Date 2022-12-31 2021-12-31 2020-12-31 2019-12-31 2018-12-31
Investments -392.00000M -474.00000M -303.00000M -464.00000M 962.00M
Change to liabilities 823.00M -20.00000M -3512.00000M -207.00000M -914.00000M
Total cashflows from investing activities -1388.00000M -919.00000M -2353.00000M -2011.00000M -1040.00000M
Net borrowings -1613.00000M -2147.00000M 830.00M -839.00000M -2048.00000M
Total cash from financing activities -2382.00000M -2824.00000M -873.00000M -3718.00000M -5020.00000M
Change to operating activities -85.00000M 320.00M 344.00M 344.00M 377.00M
Net income 3492.00M 1928.00M -10486.00000M -10107.00000M 2177.00M
Change in cash 1724.00M 913.00M -293.00000M -296.00000M -366.00000M
Begin period cash flow -11056.00000M 844.00M 1137.00M 1433.00M 1799.00M
End period cash flow -9332.00000M 1757.00M 844.00M 1137.00M 1433.00M
Total cash from operating activities 3720.00M 4651.00M 2944.00M 5431.00M 5713.00M
Issuance of capital stock - - - - -
Depreciation 2147.00M 2120.00M 2566.00M 3589.00M 3556.00M
Other cashflows from investing activities 622.00M 696.00M -934.00000M 177.00M 158.00M
Dividends paid -848.00000M -699.00000M -1734.00000M -2769.00000M 2770.00M
Change to inventory -737.00000M 75.00M 86.00M -314.00000M -10.00000M
Change to account receivables -1728.00000M -36.00000M 2411.00M 50.00M 403.00M
Sale purchase of stock 223.00M 137.00M -26.00000M -278.00000M -400.00000M
Other cashflows from financing activities 116.00M -49.00000M -89.00000M -51.00000M -63.00000M
Change to netincome 178.00M 303.00M 11620.00M 12523.00M 385.00M
Capital expenditures 1715.00M 1180.00M 1217.00M 1955.00M 2260.00M
Change receivables -1728.00000M -36.00000M 2345.00M 142.00M 430.00M
Cash flows other operating -455.00000M 281.00M 325.00M -195.00000M 89.00M
Exchange rate changes - 5.00M -11.00000M 2.00M -19.00000M
Cash and cash equivalents changes -50.00000M 913.00M -293.00000M -296.00000M -366.00000M
Change in working capital -1709.00000M 404.00M -839.00000M -327.00000M -405.00000M
Stock based compensation 313.00M 324.00M 397.00M 405.00M 345.00M
Other non cash items -484.00000M -94.00000M 12554.00M 12882.00M 79.00M
Free cash flow 2005.00M 3471.00M 1727.00M 3476.00M 3453.00M

Peer Comparison

Sector: Energy Industry: Oil & Gas Equipment & Services

Company Change (USD) Price (USD) Trailing PE (x) Forward PE (x) Price Sales TTM (x) Price to Book Value (x) Enterprise Value to Revenue (x) Enterprise Value to EBITDA (x)
Schlumberger NV
0.61 1.35% 45.89 18.64 14.51 2.34 3.87 2.64 11.32
Baker Hughes Co
0.41 1.21% 34.25 18.11 16.45 1.30 2.15 1.43 9.19
Halliburton Company
0.43 1.32% 33.45 12.44 10.36 1.42 3.54 1.72 8.38
Tenaris SA ADR
-0.02 0.06% 30.95 5.88 7.97 1.37 1.24 1.19 3.33
Tenaris S.A
- -% 15.71 5.68 7.58 1.33 1.18 1.17 3.27

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Schlumberger Limited engages in the provision of technology for the energy industry worldwide. The company operates through four divisions: Digital & Integration, Reservoir Performance, Well Construction, and Production Systems. The company provides field development and hydrocarbon production, carbon management, integration of adjacent energy systems; reservoir interpretation and data processing services for exploration data; and well construction and production improvement services and products. It also offers subsurface geology and fluids evaluation information; open and cased hole services; exploration and production pressure, and flow-rate measurement services; and pressure pumping, well stimulation, and coiled tubing equipment solutions. In addition, the company offers mud logging, directional drilling, measurement-while-drilling, and logging-while-drilling services, as well as engineering support services; supplies drilling fluid systems; designs, manufactures, and markets roller cone and fixed cutter drill bits; bottom-hole-assembly and borehole enlargement technologies; well cementing products and services; well planning, well drilling, engineering, supervision, logistics, procurement, and contracting of third parties, as well as drilling rig management solutions; and drilling equipment and services, as well as land drilling rigs and related services. Further, it provides artificial lift production equipment and optimization services; supplies packers, safety valves, sand control technology, and various intelligent well completions technology and equipment; designs and manufactures valves, chokes, actuators, and surface trees; and OneSubsea an integrated solutions, products, systems, and services, including wellheads, subsea trees, manifolds and flowline connectors, control systems, connectors, and services. The company was formerly known as Socie´te´ de Prospection E´lectrique. Schlumberger Limited was founded in 1926 and is based in Houston, Texas.

Schlumberger NV

5599 San Felipe, Houston, TX, United States, 77056

Key Executives

Name Title Year Born
Mr. Olivier Le Peuch CEO & Director 1964
Mr. Stephane Biguet Exec. VP & CFO 1969
Mr. Ashok Belani Sr. Strategic Advisor 1959
Mr. Khaled Al Mogharbel Exec. VP of Geographies 1971
Mr. Howard Guild Chief Accounting Officer 1972
Mr. Demosthenis Pafitis Chief Technology Officer 1968
Mr. Sebastien Lehnherr Chief Information Officer NA
Mr. Ndubuisi Maduemezia VP of Investor Relations NA
Ms. Dianne B. Ralston Chief Legal Officer & Sec. 1967
Giles Powell Director of Corp. Communication NA

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