MSFT 446.34 -0.4528% AAPL 214.29 -1.0984% NVDA 135.58 3.512% GOOGL 175.09 -1.213% GOOG 176.45 -1.3033% AMZN 182.81 -0.6791% META 499.49 -1.4093% AVGO 1802.52 -1.4408% TSLA 184.86 -1.3764% TSM 179.69 1.3823% LLY 891.46 0.7288% V 273.62 0.9035% JPM 197.0 1.036% UNH 481.05 -1.672% NVO 140.8 0.3063% WMT 67.6 0.267% LVMUY 152.46 -1.7021% XOM 109.38 0.9413% LVMHF 762.0 -1.8041% MA 450.11 0.4463%

Fresh Del Monte Produce Inc

Consumer Defensive US FDP


Last update at 2024-06-18T20:10:00Z

Day Range


52 Week Range



Income Statement


Change in Cash

Total Operating Cash

Dividends Paid

Breakdown 2022-12-31 2021-12-31 2020-12-31 2019-12-31 2018-12-31
Type yearly yearly yearly yearly yearly
Date 2022-12-31 2021-12-31 2020-12-31 2019-12-31 2018-12-31
Income before tax 117.80M 81.90M 51.30M 90.70M 0.20M
Minority interest -0.90000M -0.10000M -2.90000M 2.80M 6.00M
Net income 98.60M 80.00M 49.20M 66.50M -21.90000M
Selling general administrative 186.80M 192.90M 196.00M 195.70M 191.50M
Selling and marketing expenses - - - - -
Gross profit 340.20M 303.80M 250.90M 300.60M 279.80M
Reconciled depreciation 92.50M 96.80M 95.00M 97.90M 100.50M
Ebit 156.30M 111.00M 50.20M 114.10M 69.40M
Ebitda 231.10M 198.30M 145.20M 203.70M 169.90M
Depreciation and amortization 74.80M 87.30M 95.00M 89.60M 100.50M
Non operating income net other -14.80000M -9.40000M -4.50000M 0.90M -15.70000M
Operating income 156.30M 111.00M 50.20M 114.10M 38.60M
Other operating expenses 4288.90M 4141.10M 4147.60M 4384.10M 4408.80M
Interest expense 23.70M 19.70M 20.70M 24.30M 22.70M
Tax provision 20.10M 2.00M 5.00M 21.40M 16.10M
Interest income 0.70M 19.70M 20.70M 1.10M 0.90M
Net interest income -23.70000M -19.70000M -20.70000M -24.30000M -22.70000M
Extraordinary items - - - - -
Non recurring -4.80000M 4.50M 0.40M 9.40M 53.60M
Other items - - - - -
Income tax expense 20.10M 2.00M 5.00M 21.40M 16.10M
Total revenue 4442.30M 4252.00M 4202.30M 4489.00M 4493.90M
Total operating expenses 186.80M 192.90M 196.20M 195.70M 194.70M
Cost of revenue 4102.10M 3948.20M 3951.40M 4188.40M 4214.10M
Total other income expense net -38.50000M -29.10000M 1.10M -23.40000M -62.20000M
Discontinued operations - - - - -
Net income from continuing ops 97.70M 79.90M 46.30M 69.30M -15.90000M
Net income applicable to common shares 98.60M 80.00M 49.20M 66.50M -21.90000M
Preferred stock and other adjustments - - - - -
Breakdown 2022-12-31 2021-12-31 2020-12-31 2019-12-31 2018-12-31
Type yearly yearly yearly yearly yearly
Date 2022-12-31 2021-12-31 2020-12-31 2019-12-31 2018-12-31
Total assets 3458.90M 3398.10M 3343.30M 3349.90M 3255.20M
Intangible assets 135.00M 142.80M 150.40M 158.20M 166.90M
Earning assets - - - - -
Other current assets 90.70M 40.20M 52.90M 27.40M 78.70M
Total liab 1483.90M 1524.60M 1543.40M 1550.90M 1485.60M
Total stockholder equity 1904.70M 1802.30M 1728.00M 1719.20M 1692.00M
Deferred long term liab 0.60M 1.30M 1.80M 2.30M 1.20M
Other current liab 220.80M 10.80M 14.00M 7.90M 8.90M
Common stock 0.50M 0.50M 0.50M 0.50M 0.50M
Capital stock 0.50M 0.50M 0.50M 0.50M 0.50M
Retained earnings 1397.60M 1327.70M 1271.40M 1252.70M 1206.00M
Other liab 182.50M 231.70M 281.80M 268.20M 230.10M
Good will 422.90M 423.70M 424.00M 423.70M 423.40M
Other assets 118.30M 111.70M 337.00M 149.30M 127.80M
Cash 17.20M 16.10M 16.50M 33.30M 21.30M
Cash and equivalents 17.20M 16.10M 16.50M 33.30M 21.30M
Total current liabilities 607.00M 629.20M 554.80M 562.90M 586.00M
Current deferred revenue 47.40M 260.10M 245.30M 100.00M 68.00M
Net debt 720.10M 685.90M 668.70M 689.00M 641.10M
Short term debt 42.90M 38.30M 29.00M 32.80M 0.50M
Short long term debt 1.30M 1.30M 0.20M 0.30M 0.50M
Short long term debt total 737.30M 702.00M 685.20M 722.30M 662.40M
Other stockholder equity 548.10M 541.00M 533.10M 531.40M 527.10M
Property plant equipment 1309.50M 1415.80M 1420.30M 1403.20M 1392.20M
Total current assets 1241.40M 1096.40M 1012.30M 1051.50M 1138.80M
Long term investments 18.00M 8.70M 1.90M 1.90M 6.10M
Net tangible assets 1396.20M 1285.30M 1203.80M 1192.60M 1153.50M
Short term investments - - 1.00M - -
Net receivables 464.50M 437.30M 435.20M 439.00M 473.50M
Long term debt 547.10M 527.70M 541.80M 586.80M 661.90M
Inventory 669.00M 602.80M 507.70M 551.80M 565.30M
Accounts payable 295.90M 320.00M 266.50M 522.20M 576.60M
Total permanent equity - - - - -
Noncontrolling interest in consolidated entity 20.90M 21.70M 21.70M 24.50M 25.80M
Temporary equity redeemable noncontrolling interests - - - - -
Accumulated other comprehensive income -41.50000M -66.90000M -77.00000M -65.40000M -41.60000M
Additional paid in capital - - - - -
Common stock total equity 0.50M 0.50M 0.50M 0.50M 0.50M
Preferred stock total equity - - - - -
Retained earnings total equity 1397.60M 1327.70M 1271.40M 1252.70M 1206.00M
Treasury stock - - - - -
Accumulated amortization - - - - -
Non currrent assets other 70.90M 57.90M 46.90M 49.00M 59.70M
Deferred long term asset charges - - - - -
Non current assets total 2217.50M 2301.70M 2331.00M 2298.40M 2116.40M
Capital lease obligations 188.90M 173.00M 143.20M 135.20M 1.10M
Long term debt total 547.10M 527.70M 541.80M 586.80M 661.90M
Breakdown 2022-12-31 2021-12-31 2020-12-31 2019-12-31 2018-12-31
Type yearly yearly yearly yearly yearly
Date 2022-12-31 2021-12-31 2020-12-31 2019-12-31 2018-12-31
Investments -9.90000M -2.40000M 0.50M 0.70M -4.20000M
Change to liabilities -17.80000M 78.30M -11.70000M -53.30000M 131.30M
Total cashflows from investing activities -49.10000M -82.50000M -108.80000M -52.20000M -494.80000M
Net borrowings 20.70M -22.60000M -45.00000M -77.70000M 304.50M
Total cash from financing activities -12.00000M -53.20000M -85.80000M -108.90000M 242.00M
Change to operating activities -9.90000M 8.90M -6.50000M 15.20M -13.50000M
Net income 97.70M 79.90M 46.30M 69.30M -15.90000M
Change in cash 1.10M -0.40000M -16.80000M 12.00M -3.80000M
Begin period cash flow 16.10M 16.50M 33.30M 21.30M 25.10M
End period cash flow 17.20M 16.10M 16.50M 33.30M 21.30M
Total cash from operating activities 61.80M 128.50M 180.60M 169.10M 246.60M
Issuance of capital stock - - - - -
Depreciation 92.50M 96.80M 95.00M 97.90M 100.50M
Other cashflows from investing activities 8.90M 18.40M 40.70M 69.40M -340.10000M
Dividends paid -28.70000M -23.70000M -14.30000M -6.70000M 29.00M
Change to inventory -72.10000M -105.10000M 38.70M 8.10M -2.80000M
Change to account receivables 16.10M -13.90000M 16.10M 22.10M -2.40000M
Sale purchase of stock -0.90000M -6.50000M -20.80000M -17.90000M -29.40000M
Other cashflows from financing activities 1062.30M -6.90000M -5.70000M -4.80000M -2.70000M
Change to netincome 12.90M -23.10000M -9.60000M 8.80M 48.70M
Capital expenditures 48.10M 98.50M 150.00M 122.30M 150.50M
Change receivables -37.40000M -13.90000M 16.10M 22.10M -2.40000M
Cash flows other operating -14.60000M 15.00M 5.30M 15.20M -13.50000M
Exchange rate changes - 6.80M -2.80000M 4.00M 2.40M
Cash and cash equivalents changes 0.70M -0.40000M -16.80000M 12.00M -3.80000M
Change in working capital -137.20000M -31.80000M 36.60M -7.90000M 112.60M
Stock based compensation 6.90M 7.60M 7.50M 8.40M 11.50M
Other non cash items -0.60000M -9.00000M -4.90000M -3.00000M 34.30M
Free cash flow 13.70M 30.00M 30.60M 46.80M 96.10M


  • Previous Close 21.77
  • Market Cap1238.32M
  • Volume372095
  • P/E Ratio10.95
  • Dividend Yield3.11%
  • EBITDA261.00M
  • Revenue TTM4352.00M
  • Revenue Per Share TTM90.72
  • Gross Profit TTM 340.20M
  • Diluted EPS TTM2.35

Peer Comparison

Sector: Consumer Defensive Industry: Farm Products

Company Change (USD) Price (USD) Trailing PE (x) Forward PE (x) Price Sales TTM (x) Price to Book Value (x) Enterprise Value to Revenue (x) Enterprise Value to EBITDA (x)
Fresh Del Monte Produce Inc
-0.27 1.24% 21.50 10.95 17.92 0.28 0.61 0.41 6.53
Archer-Daniels-Midland Company
-0.25 0.42% 59.91 10.07 10.54 0.39 1.49 0.47 7.11
Tyson Foods Inc
-0.45 0.81% 55.16 - 24.94 0.34 1.00 0.51 26.68
Bunge Limited
-0.54 0.52% 102.44 7.87 8.47 0.24 1.44 0.30 5.17
Mowi ASA
- -% 18.02 19.37 9.03 1.64 2.33 2.08 8.19

Reports Covered

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Fresh Del Monte Produce Inc., through its subsidiaries, produces, markets, and distributes fresh and fresh-cut fruits and vegetables in North America, Europe, the Middle East, Africa, Asia, and internationally. It operates through three segments: Fresh and Value-Added Products, Banana, and Other Products and Services. The company offers pineapples, fresh-cut fruit, fresh-cut vegetables, melons, and vegetables; non-tropical fruits, such as grapes, apples, citrus, blueberries, strawberries, pears, peaches, plums, nectarines, cherries, and kiwis; other fruit and vegetables, and avocados; and prepared fruit and vegetables, juices, other beverages, and meals and snacks. It also engages in the sale of poultry and meat products; and third-party freight services business. The company offers its products under the Del Monte brand, as well as under other brands, such as UTC, Rosy, Fruit Express, Just Juice, Fruitini, Mann's Logo, Arcadian Harvest, Nourish Bowls, Broccolini, Caulilini, Better Burger Leaf, RomaLeaf, and other regional brands. It markets and distributes its products to retail stores, club stores, convenience stores, wholesalers, distributors, and foodservice operators. The company was founded in 1886 and is based in George Town, Cayman Islands.

Fresh Del Monte Produce Inc

Apollo House, George Town, Cayman Islands, KY1- 1107

Key Executives

Name Title Year Born
Mr. Mohammad Abu-Ghazaleh Chairman & CEO 1942
Mr. Mohammed Abbas COO & Exec. VP 1976
Ms. Monica Vicente Sr. VP, CFO & Principal Accounting Officer 1966
Ana Miranda VP, Global FP&A & Investor Relations NA
Ms. Effie D. Silva Sr. VP, Gen. Counsel, Corp. Sec. and Chief Ethics & Compliance Officer 1975
Mr. Abdel Rahman Obaid VP of Corp. Devel. NA
Mr. Tarek Betti VP & Chief HR Officer NA
Mr. Helmuth A. Lutty Sr. VP of Shipping Operations 1959
Mr. Hans Sauter Chief Sustainability Officer & Sr. VP of Corp. R&D, QA and Agricultural Services 1961
Mr. Jesus Rodriguez Calvo Sr. VP of North American Sales & Marketing 1966

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