Global Big Money Report

Schlumberger N.V.

Sep 14, 2022 12:00 AM PDT

Section 1: Company Overview and Fundamentals

1.1 Company Overview:

Schlumberger N.V. (NYSE: SLB), with expertise in more than 120 countries, is a technology company that provides digital solutions and deploys innovative technologies to facilitate performance and sustainability for the global energy industry.

1.2 The Key Positives, Negatives, Investment Highlights and Risks

1.3 Top 10 Shareholders: The top 10 shareholders have been highlighted in the chart below, which together forms ~34.25% of the total shareholding:

1.4 Key Metrics:

The company has reported an improvement in EBITDA margin to reach 22.1% in 2QFY22 from 21.1% in 2QFY21. Further, the ROE improved significantly to 6.1% in 2QFY22 from 3.4% in 2QFY21.