Company List

No. of Rows
Code Company Name Date Of Latest Report Recommendation
PERI Perion Network Ltd. 21 October 2022 Members Only
MMS Maximus, Inc. 25 October 2022 Members Only
CRDO Credo Technology Group Holding Ltd 11 February 2022 Members Only
GOOGL Alphabet Inc. 03 November 2022 Members Only
NDAQ Nasdaq, Inc. 23 February 2023 Members Only
HLMA Halma PLC 28 September 2022 Members Only
AAPL Apple Inc. 20 December 2022 Members Only
CDAY Ceridian HCM Holding Inc. 10 February 2023 Members Only
HALO Halo Technologies Holdings Ltd 25 March 2022 Members Only
C79 Chrysos Corporation Limited 25 April 2022 Members Only

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